Saturday, January 23

Goats in Grit

I picked up the current issue of Grit the other day which I couldn't resist because of the totally adorable goats on the cover. I don't subscribe to Grit, even though I am thinking I should, after all the great articles, and goat pictures.

It has a little bit of everything - articles on bread making, goat raising, flax growing, horse plowing, and so many other interesting little things.

It madde for a night of interesting reading.

1 comment:

  1. I subscribe to the Grit. It is a great magazine. It doesnt cost much either. I also subscribe to Mother Earth News and Hobby Farms which are also great mags. My hubby and I read them cover to cover. The Grit has been around a long time. My grandma used to have it delivered by a boy in the neighborhood. They must have stopped that in the late 70's though.