Wednesday, January 20

Connor's Toys

My Grandfather makes all kinds of wonderful things out of wood. I have so many things around the house that he has made for me over the years, I can not even begin to count them. Everything from toys to kitchen utensils to decorative boxes.

But he only makes them for family. So Connor is a very lucky baby. He is only 11 months old but he has already amassed a fleet of hand-crafted, wooden toys, and a chest to put them in.

He is not old enough to fully appreciate them yet but he will soon and I will be happy to tell him all about them. Right now he likes the fact most of them have wheels he can spin and that he can crawl-chase the bug and the bunny when i pull them around the floor.

These are the best kinds of toys. Hand made, non-toxic and in most cases the wood comes from my Grandparents farm. You can not buy things like this in the store unless you go to a specialty shop and pay an arm and a leg and even then you are not sure about lead paint and all other sorts of things. There are some good stores out there but right now, I am happy and very lucky that I can no worry too much when Connon decides he wants to put a wheel in his mouth.

I do not want to be totally crazy and expect that he will only play with there toys forever and not like anything from the store. He already has a ton of plastic stuff and whatnot all over the house and there is probaby no way that I will be able to steer him away from Transformers or whatever will be the "popular" toy to have when he is older. And he will not understand about lead paint and stuff from China and all that. He will just want what he wants, within reason, of course. And that is ok. As long as he appreciates the difference and significance of what his great grandpa made for him.

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