Thursday, January 21

Christmas Cactus Problems

(Note: The picture does not show exactly HOW wilt-y the branches are)

I am looking for advice on my Christmas Cactus.

My Grandmother gave me a huge christmas Cactus and a few years ago and it was doing very well. Big branches and lots of flowering. Last summer, it started to drop branches - both little and big. They would just fall off and I would find them on the floor. I tried to stick the ends back in the dirt so they would re-root but it only worked about 10% of the time.

I now have a pot with the remnants of the original root and a few branches that have made it through, but it is not nearly as big and it looks very unhealthy. The leaves and branches are all wilting and sagging. And no flowering.

I have been watering according to guidlines - the top inch of soil is moist but not overwatered. The dirt is fresh potting soil and I have taken some of the branches that fell off and stuck them in another pot, thinking they just needed a fresh start. This did not work and now I have two pots of sagging wilting very sad looking Christmas Cactus.

I recently bought a a bag of Cactus potting mix and I was going to repot themto see if it helped but I an going to wait and see if any of you out there know what is happening and if you have any suggestions on what I should do.


  1. I was having the same problem so last summer I sat it out on my porch which doesnt get a lot of sun. It did wonderfully and actually flowered in September when I brought it in. I dont think I am giving it enough humidity cause it is starting to look a little sad as well.

  2. I read something about them needing a humid environment. I am going to put them in the babys room where we have a humidifier running to combat the dry winter air. I can't wait for summer so my plants, and myself - can get out on the porch!