Tuesday, January 12

Bluejays are Not very Nice

I went out and rescued the bird feeders yesterday and brought them in the house for a cleaning and a thaw. The birds have been hiding themselves away from the weather lately - all sheltered in the cedar trees, so I have not felt horrible about neglecting the feeder filling. But today, with the windy not so strong and only the lightest of flakes floating down, the birds are out in force attcking the feeders and littering the snowy ground with sunflower shucks and overanxious spillage.

The blue jays were the first ones I noticed - how could I not! Their bright blue standing out so clearly against the snow. And they are huge birds in the winter months - dwarfing the black capped chickadees and even the cardinals. I have a small flock of the chickadees darting from the barren lilac bush to the feeders and back again, and a few daring cardinals that are mostly picking up what the bluejays displace when they land on the feeder.

I have come to the conclusion that bluejays, although very pretty, are not very nice. They seem to be the bullys of the bird world - in my yard anyway. Always scaring the other birds from the feeders and making noise. I have seen them dive-bomb cats before for no apparent reason.

The cats have come to accept that there are birds outside the window and also that they are never going to be able to get at them. They used to perch on the sill, tails thumping back and forth against the wall - stalking their prey. Now when i hold prince up to the window and say "Look, a bird" he just looks at me like I am crazy. "I've seen birds before and that one is nothing special." If a big gray squirrel manages to make his way to the feeders, they take more notice, but still, they know it is a lost cause, being indoor cats.

That is my day today. Watching birds pick around in the snow for feed and listening as the snowplow goes by with blades down, making a horrible scraping sound going down the road, sparks flying. .There is no snow on the road today but someone must have told them to go out and plow anyway. The little guy is napping and when he wakes up there will be a bottle and then a bundled up trip to the store for provisions - Roy is coming down with something at work and has requested orange juice and medication.

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