Thursday, January 28

As Simple as Baking Bread

The snow is back and with it has come the chill and the wind. So windy today! T0he flakes are flying and we are staying indoors today, catching up on house chores. Yesterday we took a day off and went to visit Mom and Dad which is always a wonderful break for me and a fun time for the little man. The whole house smelled like "woodstove" and I loved it. I spent time streched out on the floor by the stove, soaking up the heat while Connor threw blocks around the livingroom.

I brouhgt my soap making supplies over because I had given Mom some homemade bars for Christmas and she liked them so much, she wanted to learn how to make them. Another convert.

We made about 10 bars, all different colors and scents, and she was very happy with them. She is planning on buying some supplies of her own and experimenting with her own ideas.

Back here, the projects are not going as smoothly. I have been trying to learn how to knit on circular needles and it is just not working. all the YouTube instructional videos in the world are not helping me and I am about ready to give it up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just can't get the hang of joining and everything just looks all messy.

I am also having a hard time with bread. I know, bread. If I were living in 1870, we would all be dirty and starving right about now. I have used the frozen bread dough you get in big packs of 5 or 10, letting them rise on the pellet stove, and baking them. Turns out fine. No problem. But I want to try all these wonderful looking recipes in Mother Earth News and such. It always comes out heavy and thick. It does not seem to want to rise and be the fluffy loaf I am carving.

I tried the 10 Grain bread recipe from Mother Earth News last week. I followed the instructions to the letter. I even used a broiler for the first time in my life. (I always windered what that thing that came with the stove was). And it looked good, enough though a little small. My husband was my test subject and he cut into it and tried a piece. He chewed and said "You should try it. It is good. Put lots of butter on it."

So, it was ok but not wonderful. it was thick and heavy and really crunchy on the outside. I let it rise exactly as described in the article. HELP!

This is the most basic of homesteading skills! I must learn how to make a good, edible bread from scratch!!! I count this as one of my "must learn to be considered a homesteader (OK, 'lite' homesteader). It is on my New Years Resolutions list!!! (I'll post the whole list later).

This should be simple.

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  1. Are you letting it rise twice? Are you maybe kneading it too long? I'm not an expert by any means. Maybe someone else will answer better about it.