Monday, January 18

3 cats

I have three cats. I love them all very much, and they are the only animals we have here at the farm right now besides Snowy the stubborn dog and the masses of birds living in the cedar bushes.

I have three cats. And they are the farthest apart in personalities that three cats can be.

Prince, my oldest cat, is my bright orange half maine coon boy. We had him and his brother Sidney, before we even got married. Sadly, Sidney passed away in 2008. Prince is definately his own cat. He would gladly be the only cat in the house. He loves laps and loves attnetion. Every time you sit down, or even give the appearence of thinking about sitting down, he is there, waiting for a lap. You would think he was never given any attention for the amount of begging he does. He loves his cat treats and loves lunch meat and hates baths and brushes. He is picky and fussy and stubborn and likes things his way, every time, all the time. He reminds me of myself.

He sleeps by my head every night but will jump down and sleep on the chair if another cat dares to think they can jump up on the bed and sleep with us at night. He constantly wants to get outside and eat grass. All my cats are indoor cats so we have a cat pen outside that allows them fresh air and grass in the warmer months.

Buffin, our gigantic 6 year old gray and white short hair, is just that - gigantic. He is a very big boy and loves his food. But he does not like people. He will come out for my husband and myself only and whenever someone comes to the house, he can always be found hiding under our bed - square in the middle - out of reach. We adopted him as a tiny kitten out of a tiny cage in a Patsmart. I couldn;t help myself - he was just too perfect. A terror as a kitten - into everything - but mellow to the point of not wanting to move as an adult. He sleeps - alot. He is picky about his food - only mushy Salmon diner from Friskies - and will not lower himself to eating cat treats. He is a table scraps kind of boy. Don't get me wrong, he likes affection and loves to be brushed but only on his terms, when he wants it. A shy boy at heart. He is the only cat I have ever had that does not want to go outside. He has no interest in it and prefers to be in the house, somepleace warm, sleeping. But not in bed with us. It is a rare treat to wake up and find him lounging, just out of reach, at the foot of the bed.

Cheese is our newest addition. A beautiful full main coon girl - browns, blacks and bits of orange. She came to us a tiny ball of fluff through Craigslist last January while I was 8 months pregnant. We had just lost Sidney that past October and and Lily, Snowys sister, that November. We were not looking for a new cat or dog but we could not say no to Cheese. (Her mothers name was Crackers). She is the most complicated of our cats. First, she is still a kitten so she is a terror and destroys things on a daily basis. She is what I call a 50/50 cat. She will be very affectionate and want to be sitting on you one minute and the next she is flying around the house and does not want to be petted for anything. She will curl up with us in bed one night and be right under the covers, all night (much to the annoyance of Prince), and the next night she will not want anyone near her. She is a digger and we have to have two cat pens now, one on the ground for Prince to feast on his grass and another one off the ground for fresh air and bird watching. Did I mention that she gets into EVERYTHING! And she attacks the dog. She is the one I feel I most need to win over at this point. It is a privilege to have her pick our lap over the chair, couch or cat bed and when she climbs up and tries to sleep on your neck in the middle of the night, purring away, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

My three furry babies, all so different. I am surprised they can co-exist together here. Then add Snowy and you have got yourself a real mix.

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