Friday, December 11

Watts and such

We are 100% up and running with the solar now - fully inspected and OK'ed by Rochester Gas and Electric. I'll bet they just hate coming out to peoples houses and giving the go-ahead for solar power. "Darn, another one who is not going to have to by electric from us!"

Despite the freezing wind chill temps today, the sun is shining and we are making electric. If I went outside now (yeah right!) to look at the meter, it would hardly be moving, if not going backwards.

It feels good to know that we are making electric for ourselves. Really good.

Roy is working from home today which is not much different than a work day since he is locked in his upstairs office typing away on the computer. The baby is napping now and Snowy and I are lounging in the living room enjoying a WII documentary. I finally convinced Snowy that it was just too cold for her outside, even though she loves the fridgid temperatures. She is laying here, panting, watching me type and learning about Omaha Beach.

I like to think that a little caption will pop up on the bottom of the tv screen that says "This DVD being by the electric coming off the solar panels in your yard."

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