Wednesday, December 9


We woke this morning earlier than the alarm to the sounds of sleet against the windows and the wind gusting through the tall pines. Only about 2 inches of snow on the ground but the roads were wet and slick. Roy was glad he had his winter tires on the car this morning!

I am surprised we still have power at this point, not that it would be a totally horrible thing to lose power since we are prepared for it, but the lights are still on here. Making breakfast I stood at the kicthen window watching the long arms of the tall pines waving violently and roaring like a plane engine. We get wind here since we are so near the lake but this was strong and something I have not seen in a while.

It has continued to pour rain all day and the wind has calmed some but it is promised by the weather man to pick up tonight and into tomorrow. Gusts of up to 60mph are predicted and more snow. And the pellet stove is currently off. It has been in despirate need to a good cleaning lately and it is feeding pellets much faster than it should so Roy has to readjust the settings and chip the pellet remains off the gears by the burner. So the baby and I have been using the oil heat/furnace today, reluctantly. if it was just me, I would wear more layers and tollerate the chill but with a baby in the house, the temperature needs to be a little warmer.

So we are voluntarily sequested in the house today, away from the rain and the cold and the wind gusts.

But Snowy, on the other hand, is a different story. She loves it. She loves winter. She is part huskey so she hates teh heat and loves the cold. The colder, the better. Snow and chilly do not bother her. She loves to be outside rather than in the house where the pellet stove usually keeps things nice and toasty in the winter. It is hard to get her to come in sometimes - she would rather sleep outside. But that is where we have to draw the line since we do not want her to get too chilled. So she retreats to the basement where it is cool all year round.

The only other aniamls I have seen today, besides the cats who have been napping on the bed and the couch all day, was one wayward bluejay trying to pick a dried kernel of corn out of some ears I have by the birdfeeders. He seemed to be holding up pretty well and waiting for a lull in the gusts to take off for the nearest cedar tree. I figure that is where most of them are hiding out today and I don't blame them.

So it is just me and the baby, lounging in the living room, warm blankets and afghans on the floor, he in a warm light blue baby track suit and myself sporting comfy jeans and a flannel shirt, enjoying the history channels discussions of the Normandy Invasion. Despite the weather, I can not think of a better day.

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