Sunday, December 6

A Good Day

Today was a good day. It is Thanks-Birth-Mas here and we really enjoyed this one. Let me explain. Thanks-Birth-Mas is a holiday that my family made up to encompass Thanksgiving, my husbands birthday and the selection and cutting of the years Christmas tree. We have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day with Roy's family and Roy's birthday is on the 8th so, we decided to get together at my Grandparent's christmas tree farm in Prattsburg, NY to celebrate both occasions and get our tree.

We left the house bright and early in two vehicles - the car with kid seat and the truck to haul the tree. After picking up mom and leaving the truck in their driveway to enjoy a day in Ionia, we drove the 45 minutes to Prattsburg. It was a nice drive - one of my favorites. The weather has been cold here but not a flake of snow graces the Finger Lakes as of yet. This did not stop Bristol Mountain from cranking up the snow making machines and the hazy and rising snow-fog could be seen for miles.

Just outside of Naples we could see the giant wind turbines spinning silently on the tops of the hills. Cars and trucks passed us with the drivers and passengers wearing bright orange but there was not a deer to be seen.

We arrived and were greeted by a warm woodstove fire and the smells of turkey cooking in the oven. Dad was out hunting - had been since about 6:30 that morning. He came in periodically to warm up by the fire.

Lunch was delicious with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and home made applesauce. I brought the home made cookies for desert.

It was very cold but Grandpa still hooked up the wagon and we went out into the field for our tractor ride/tree cutting ride. We picked a soft needle spruce for this year - a perfect shape - for Connor's first Christmas tree. He was bundles up in so many warm winter things that he could not lower his arms or turn his head. He was not entirely thrilled with the whole process but he did not cry and seemed to be relaxing and taking it all in.

Grandpa presented Connor with two more beautiful hand made wooden toys that he had been working on in his shop - a circus car with an animal shaped puzzle inside and a pull along bee toy where the wings move as it is pulled along. Connor loved them and he has added them to his growing collection here at the house.

The drive home was me int he drivers deat with a baby and a husband asleep in the back seat. And after another game of musical vehicles, we dropped off Roy with the truck and headed for home. A half hour and 5 huge does later (they jumped in front of the car but we missed them thankfully), we were home, heating up a bottle and letting Snowy out for a much needed bathroom break.

The baby is now sleeping, the pellet stove is humming away, and the tree is up and glowing. All in all, it was a good day.

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