Thursday, December 17

Dozens and dozens

Making Christmas cut out cookies with a 9 month old is hard work. Unless you have a wonderful mother who comes over and helps you. I have both - a 9 month old and wonderful mother who loves her grandson. And hopefully her daughter too.

We made 6 bathces of cut out cookies, roughtly 25 cookies to a batch, at her house on Tuesday and then frosted them at my house yesterday. Thats a lot of frosting.

It was wonderful. I mixed and baked at mixed and baked at Mom's house while she entertained Connor with Christmas decorations and the piano. The whole house smelled his cookies and using the same cookie cutter that Mom and I used when I was little and that her mother used with her made it all the more special. The snow was gently falling outside in big fluffy flakes, the 1940's Christmas music was playing - all very Norman Rockwell.

Until the screams of both baby and Grandma broke the bliss of it all - Connor had gotten ahold on Mom's hair. Both of them were making a ton of noise - Connor because he was having a great time and Grandma because her hair was being pulled by a baby that my husband nicknamed "the terminator". I couldn't help but take a picture before I pried her hair out of his iron grip.

The forsting completed, I assembed the tins and plates for family, neighbors, and my husbands office last night and I can honestly say that i do not want to see another Christmas cookie for at least 12 months.

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