Sunday, December 20

A bright spot

We have snow here, and being that the first day of winter is tomrrow, it is fitting. We were spared the storms that hit most areas south of us but we still have a good 5 inches of the powdery white stuff out there.

Snowy loves it, as she does every year. She would gladly stay outside all day romping and playing and digging and sleeping in it. But I am not as thrilled. I hate winter, mostly. I only like the cold and the snow when I do not have anywhere I have to go and I can stay in the house and watch it come down. Watching the big fluffy flakes accumulate on the ground and hearing the plows go by while I am in my warm sweatpants is actually a fun day for me. But if i have to go outside for anything other than a quick run to the mailbox, I change into my winter-hatred mode.

So on that run to the mailbox the other day in the cold wind and snow and icy chill, I was rewarded with a bright spot for the day - my Baker Creek Seed Catalog was waiting for me. I love their catalog. Even if I didn;t order seeds from them, or even plant seeds at all, I would still enjoy thumbing through, looking at all the beatiful photography. But I do order from them, a lot. I get 90% of my seeds from them. They are all open-pollinated seeds in an incredible array of heirloom varieties. They are the only place I can find Bells of Ireland seeds that I can actually get to grow. That was what sold me 100% on them.

Within an hour, I had pages marked with the "Yes!" and "Maybe" stickers from the Lucky magazine that Mom sends over for me. I can never see myself wearing most of the things in Lucky but it is till fun to look through. And of course the stickers are great for bookmarking catalogs and gardening books.

We always get the Purple Podded Pole Bean (Roy's favorite) and I love the Lime Green Nicotiana which adds nice light green color to the garden and is easy to grow.

Their blog is also an interesting read.

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