Tuesday, December 29

Another day in the line of many

Nothing intesting or exciting today. Roy worked from home today because of the weather and we took Connor to the doctor. He has croup. Does that even still exist?? It sounds like something that went around in the 1840's.

A snowy, cold, windy day.

I took down the Christmas decorations and packed them away for next year. this makes me sad not because I love Christmas but because I love the way the house looks with the decoarations up. This Christmas was actually the first one in a long time where I was excited and enthusiastic. Normally it is stressful with gift buying, baking, and driving all over the state and sometimes Canada. But this year was different - we stayed close to home and it was our frist Christmas as a family.

But today was still one of those days. The kind of day where you feel like you are standing at the bow of a ship plowing through the days of the week, the month, the year. And all you can see before you are more days like this one. Not bad, but just another day in a line of many.

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