Monday, November 30

We are very lucky

I read a blog called Cold Antler Farm regularly and today I read a post about the author having to give up some of her animals. Specifically, her goat, Finn, and her angora rabbits. I have never met this person and the only thing I think we would have in common is a love of homesteading, gardening, and knitting, but through reading her blog and her book, I actually consider her a friend. Not in a stalker sort of way, but in a way that there is a community of people out there who value the same things.

So, when I read about her situation, I literally felt sick. I could not imaging what it must feel like to have to give up an animal - whether a pet or a farm animal. It would be like giving up an arm or a leg. I just couldn;t do it. And it is partly because she rents her homestead. This reminds me how lucky I am that we own our own home. We have a huge mortgage, but it is ours. We can do what we want with the land and the house and the barns. (within the reason of normal human behavior, obviously). I can have my gardens and we can have chickens next spring and I could have any number of animals here.

Sometimes I take for granted the things that I have. Through the hard work of my husband and myself, we have built a nice homestead that we are proud of. And that we are very lucky to have.

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