Sunday, November 8

Taking Advantage of the Great Weather

It was absolutely beautful here today - warm, sunny and great for yard clean-up. Mom and Dad came over to watch the baby and we went to work trimming tree limbs, raking leaves and filling the compost and brush pile to capacity.

I managed to not only get the entire rose garden in fron tof the barn cleaned out for the winter, but I also widened the short end by almost 2 feet. This will allow the mallow and the sweet peas to expand a little bit more without taking over the other plants and it will also leave me room to put in a ton of bulbs. I have been trying to find a nice place to put in a bunch of daffodil and tulip bulbs that would be enjoyable from the kitchen windows. So hopefully next spring, I will be gazing out onto yellow and red and while blooms.

Like all good things, our babysitters had to go one and take care of their own yard so we were on our own trying to rake the big yard in front of the barn with an 8 month old on a big blanket. He is still learning how to crawl so right now he is "slithering" backwards. Before we knew it, had a managed to get off the blanket and obtain a big handful of grass and dead leaf bits. And, is anyone with an 8 month old knows, they went directly into his mouth. After much crying and spitting up dead leaf bits, the crisis was delt with and mittens were installed the prevent future grabbing.

We managed to get the entire barn front done and some of the yard in front of the house before the sun started setting and it got chilly. But it was a good day full of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I was able to cross more than a few things off my to-do-before-winter list and no one had to go to the hospital. Only 1 band-aid required and the only casualty was an extension cord that was accidentally cut through with the hedge trimmers.

Now, it is dark and the baby is in bed and we are relaxing with our laptops and the history channel. Yes, we are homesteaders, but we are also in love with our computers and we don't miss an episode of NCIS. The pellet stove is currently off so it is a little chilly in here but it despirately needs a good cleaning which did not happen today as planned. Tomorrow it will be done and we have the oil back up heat set to kick on if it gets too chilly tonight. And we have a ton of afghans here since while watching NCIS or the Sabres games, I need to have something to work on.

My current project is also my forst knitting project ever. Between my Grandmother and varrious internet how-to videos, I have started knitting. I am working on a scarf which will no doubt turn out lumpy, imperfect, and generally all over the place, but I have a feeling it is going to be a favorite scarf. Pictures to follow...

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