Sunday, November 22


My first ever attempt to make soap. I am happy, surprised and a little annoyed with the outcome.

I am happy because I actually made soap without burning anything or anyone. It is actually something you can wash your hands with and it looks like bars of soap.

I am surprised because, like I said before, no one was injured and the kitchen is still standing. And I had this idea in my head of stuff running all over the counter and a bog mess, and that was not the case.

But I am a little annoyed becasue the soap base is a little "slime-like". It is slippery and not quite what I wanted. And, one of the molds broke and i did have a little counter mess but not anything horrible.

So, notes to self and other beginner soap making people:

1. Don;t buy the cheap, flimsy molds. Spend a little more and get the sturdy ones. It is sometimes hard to get the soap out of the mold and the cheap one cracked.

2. Don;t go overboard with the coloring. A little will do!!!

3. That goes double for the fragrance!!!

4. If you show your finished product to your husband, with pride and a feeling of accomplishment, do not expect him to share it. Expect questions like "Did you use the good glass measuring cup to melt that stuff?", "Couldn;t you just use the white soap base as soap and not bother with themelting, coloring and smell-adding?", "What is that smell and why is it slimy?".

Next time, I am going to look for an all-natural base and maybe clear and not a solid. I am also going to start a small pot of lavendar in the house this winter to add for texture and smell.

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