Sunday, November 8


Snowy is our 10 1/2 year old Huskey/Shepard mix. We adopted her and her sister, Lily when they were about 4 months old (?) from a shelter right after we got back from our honeymoon.

I had never had dogs growing up since both my parents were allergic so it was anew experience for me dealing with two very active puppies. We already had my two maine coon kittens, one of which is still with us. We lost Sidney, my gray and black maine coon, last year to cancer. And then we lost Lily the next month, also to cancer.

So now it is Snowy, Prince (Sidneys orange and white brother), Buffin (the huge gray short hair from a shelter), and our kitten, Cheese (our wonderful latest addition found on craigslist two months before we had our son). These make up the animal population of our homestead for the moment. Hopefully we will be adding chickens next spring. And I would love to soon add goats or alpacas.

Snowy is one big pain in the butt - in that she is wonderful and always right there looking for love or a treat. She gets plenty of both - the vet says she needs to go on a diet but I think she is old and should have what she wants. She had a hard time getting up from naps - her joints are stiff and sore with arthritis but she can still keep up witht he best of them and runs around the yard and field chasing moles and the occasional jogger.

She is a beautiful girl. She is stubborn and loving and picky. She will only go to the bathroom in certain places. She like certain types of treats and does not like to take her medicine and barely tollerates baths. Sounds like most dogs but she does it all with personality.

She does not sleep in the bed with us - no room (big girl), and that is the cats domain. Every night it's Prince and Cheese. Buffin prefers to spend his nights on the reciner. Snowy sleeps in the kitchen, keeping watch for raccoon intruders. But now, I think she could sleep through a train wreck. Her hearing is not what it once was and she is having the occasional accident in the house. But when we need her, she is there. Guarding the house and the baby.

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