Saturday, November 21

One of those days.....

Today is one of those days where you just feel really thick. You feel heavy and tired and you keep bumping into things around the house and nothing goes your way.

We went to the farmers market today and even though we got our potatoes for Thanksgiving and some apples and onions and cheese, it was still a cold, dull, dreary disappointment. Not many vendors and the selection was not as good as usual. But I guess that is a fitting way to round up the better half of fall. The leaves are all on the ground and have become more of nusiance than a pretty sight to take pictures of. Its rainy and chilly and everyone and everything looks dreary.

Even stopping at Pittsford Farms Dairy did not make me feel any less frustrated.

A little bright spot however, came from an unlikly source - Debbie Supply in E. Rochester. Roy ran in quickly to get a furnace filter while I waited in the car with the baby. He came out not just with a furnace filter but with a box of pure joy.

Girl Scout Cookies. My favorite kind of Girl Scout cookies.

Every year, I get one box of chocolate and peanut butter. Just one box. The same kind. Every year.

I love them. And they are so bad for you. 140 calories in just 2 cookies. And every year the clear plastic cookie dividers get wider and the amount and size of cookies gets small. But they are still good and I don;t mind spending what equals out to be about 40 cents each for a cookie thats only a little bit bigger than the size of a half dollar.

Thank you for cheering me up a little today dear.

Now the day is slowly getting better. Roy and the baby are napping upstairs. I have the pelet stove on level 2 and it is getting nice and toasty warm in here. It is quiet and I have Prince on the couch next to me sleeping with his front leg across his face. Cheese is sleeping in her bed by the front window, guarding the house. We are waiting for the mail man to come and bring us out first real, solid proof that we are small business owners - our first payment. Most of which will go to paying off expenses already accumulated by said business but hopefully there will be enough left over to go to the craft store for some more soap making supplies.

And, while on the laptop here in my nice warm living room, guarded by a cat, I have found something else to make me feel a little better today. My favorite blog, Cold Antler Farm, has posted pictures of the new baby geese today. It is so nice to think about someone having a box of little fuzzy baby geese under a heat lamp in their bathroom. What a fun and exciting responsibility that must be and some day I hope to have the experience first hand.

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