Sunday, November 15

At Home by the Fire

Tonight is one of those nights where it feels like things are drawing to a close. It is the end of the day. The house is clean, dishes are done, the baby is in bed, cats and dog are settled in for the night, and I am in my warm pj pants and flanel shirt. The fire is going in the pelet stove and I am sitting in front of it, staring at it. The kettle let out it's shrill alarm a few minutes ago and I have a steaming hot mug of cocoa with mini marshmallows wait to cool before drinking.

And I just finished my first knitting project ever. A brown scarf with some white mixed in. I finally figured out basic knitting and even though the scarf is far from perfect, it is still nice. It is currently curled up on itself, lengthwise so it looks like a long tube of a scarf. I am very proud of it.

It is unseasonable warm lately which is both wonderful and annoying. I have been able to get so much yard work done with the weather holding out - no rain or unbearable cold - mostly in the 50's and 60's for the past week or so. All the leaves in the yard have finally been raked up and taken to the field in our big blue tarps. It is so nice to see them on the trees all bright yellow and orange and red. It is quite another thing entirely to spend days raking them up until your arms are so sore, it hurts to turn a door knob.

But even though I have been getting quite a few things knocked off my outdoor to-do list, it just doesn't feel right. I should be curled up in an afghan now in front of this stove and it should be blazing away on setting 3 rather than on the lowest setting of 1. Just enough to keep things comfortable in here. But I am actually looking forward to the level 3 days and nights where I can justify a campout downstiars becasue the biting cold killed the rising heat waves before they made it upstairs to the bedroom.

I want it both ways - I want warm days where I can get yard work done and not have to scrape ice off the windshield. But I also want the snowed-in, wind chill days where I get to wear my flanel shirt and my favorite sweatshirt at the same time.

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