Wednesday, October 21

Our Friend the Coyote

My neighbor owns and operates a big tree farm next to/behind our 2 acres. He has graciously allowed us to walk our dog on the property and generally go hiking around and exploring. The best part however, is the wide array of wildlife that calls his tree farm home. Deer, fox, hawks, beaver, rabbits, woodchucks and coyote - and probably many more. I try to have my camera handy when I'm out and about in the yard but it's hard to get a nice pic of a deer for some reason. I managed to snap this blurry one of a cheeky buck who stood just long enough for me to get the camera button half way down.

Last Saturday night the coyotes were in rare form, howling at the moon in what sounded like a large group of at least 6 or 7. In the darkness, I could not see them when I looked out the back window but they were close - probably in the back yard.
If we had a nice solar dusk to dawn light (that my husband has promised to install since we moved in over 4 years ago), I would have been able to see them.
It was both exciting and scary to have them so close to the house making all that noise. So exciting becasue I love to watch all the aniamls around here and I love living in a place that is still "county" enough that they are still living here. There are, of course, much more "county-ish" places, but I consider myself lucky that we were able to move out of the city and that I can call these two acres on a quiet road home.
Scary, however, becasue it's a COYOTE! Lots of them, in my yard. They eat small animals. We don't have the chickens that I want yet - hopefully next spring - but I do have my three cats. They are indoor cats but two of them are bound and determined to escape every time someone tries to carry in a load of groceries into the house. Just the mom in me, but I worry.
But I would not trade this wonderful house and these two acres for any type of living arrangement that would ensure coyote-free nights. So, let them howl and I'll enjoy every minute.

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