Friday, October 30

Millers Corners Cemetery, Ionia NY

Millers Corners Cemetery is in Ionia, NY, the town where I grew up. This cemetery is a wealth of historical information and is a gem to genealogy addicts like myself. Not only are many relatives burried here, but the town founders, the Millers, are here as well.

I always like to visit this cemetery, even though I know alot of the stones, because it just feels like there is always something new to discover about someone. Today I wandered over to a stone of a WWII casualty and I remember the name as someone I have numerous newspaper articles about in a folder back home. And I started wondering about how many people in the cemetery have WWII, WWI, Civil War and maybe even Revolutionary War connections. So now I have another project for another day - and I can't wait to see what I find.

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