Thursday, October 29

leaves, mint and rainy dull days

Today was a fall day that did not impress me. Fall days usually impress me to no end - the bright crisp blue skys, the frosty coating on anything still resembling a plant, and the brilliant yellow leaves still hanging on the branches of the dark, dark brown maple tree.

But today it was rain. Cold, damp, rainy and dull. Rainy fall days cast a vail of "dank" over my fall colors.

I tried my best to enjoy it regardless with a trip to my parents house and the warmth of a wood burning stove and a home made toasted cheese sandwich for supper. There are usually a million things that catch my eye on the drive over to take pictures of. And today, even though it was overcast, I took some anyway. This one above is of a field where a herd of buffalo used to call home. I grew up a mile away and used to ride my bike down and watch them when I was young. They met with an untimely death which I will not go into due to the sad nature of the story.

After a nice visit, I am home now. The baby is in bed, I am relaxing with peanut butter toast and my husband is reading one of my "girly" magazines. Learning how to get flat abs in a week from Self Magazine. He's not interested in tonights episode of CSI, I guess.

But back to fall. My vegetable garden is gone, all brown dirt and the wayward rock. And, of course, the few brave green weeds that are making one last stand. I have started trimming back all the flower gardens - taking stock of what is growing where, what I need to divide and ripping out by the roots the horrible weed called mint that has attempted to take over a few of my gardens this year. The year of the mint invasion is what 2009 will go in the gardening journal as. Currently thriving in the lily garden, the veggie garden and the rose garden by the house, I have been flighting it all season. The veggie garden is my own fault but how it got into the other two is beyond me. They are all so far away from each other. Another mystery for next season.

Roy has trimmed most of the banches that needed to be gone before winter and the yard has seen it's last mow. The leaves are falling and we will be raking soon.

I just don;t want to rake wet leaves.....

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