Friday, October 23

Indian summer is an informal expression given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn in the northern hemisphere, typically in late October or early November, after the leaves have turned due to an onset of frost but before the first snowfall.

According to Wikipedia anyway.

Wednesday and Thursday of this past week were beautiful - sunny and breezy and warm and perfect for fall yard clean up. I spent every minute possible outside working around the yard. (Thank you Mom for coming over and watching the baby!). There is still so much to do but I am just glad for Indian Summers.

My favorite days are Indian Summer days. It is still fall, which is the perfect season. The leaves are all colors of, well, fall. And there is no humidity or exhausting heat and need for sunscreen. It's warm but cool, breezy but no bitter wind chill, and kind of cloudy, kind of sunny... kind of perfect.

Today it turned back into the kind of fall that I'm not crazy about. Chilly, rainy and everything looks dull and dead. The leaves that were bright yellow and oragne and red yesterday are still there, but they are damp and dull now. Today was a laundry day. An inside day. But I'm hoping for more of my favorites to come before the snow flies.

This also marks when my attention shifts to inside projects. Fall is crochet time, which I love. I have more afghans in this house than I will ever need. So in true homesteading spirit, I have taken on learning new skills. I am having a great time learning knitting, piano, and I am looking forward to trying my hand at soap making.

Which is why I love Indian Summer days - it means the colors I love, the weather than is perfect, and it promise of coming inside days full of afghans, key of G, and waiting for the Baker Creek Seed catalog to come in the mail....

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