Tuesday, October 20

I thought this picture was so telling of how much I love fall. I love the colors, the smells, the sounds...
When Lily was alive, she and Snowy would love to play in the dry leaves all over the yard. I would rake them up in big piles and they would jump in them and play, attacking eachother, barking and jumping around. Now Snowy is older and it is just she and I in the yard with the leaves. And she prefers to lay in the grass and watch me rake.

I look forward to the first day that I can smell fall. It is usually around the middle of September and it is early in the morning when I get up to let Snowy out. It is just getting light and there might be a very light frost and it is crisp and a little chilly. It smells like the early morning at a camp site in the 1000 Islands after a late night of campfires. It feels like I should be standing on my front porch with my hands cupped around a big mug of steaming coffee, just like in the commericals. But I don't like coffee so I will settle for hot cocoa. For me this marks the end of summer and the beginning of cleaning up and closing up for the colder months to come.

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