Tuesday, September 8

Pumpkins: Fall is Here

I took Connor out to the garden today and put him down next to his pumpkin. It is the only pumpkin I got this year, so I am giving it to him, being his first Halloween and all. And his first Fall. I hope he loves Fall as much as I do.

He has been sitting up on his own much better now so he did pretty well until he lost his ballance and fell backward onto so big leaves. He was very interested in the leave and started pulling out big handfulls and trying to eat them. I have a gardener in the making..... and his little shirt has tractors and cows and pigs and chicks on it. He is almost too big for it but I am squeezing him into it for as long as I can becasue it is my favorite.

I am hoping that next spring he will be able to get in the garden with me and I can start teaching him all about plants and vegetables. I only hope that he is interested in such things.

But for now, he is happy with his pumpkin and I am happy that Fall is finally here.

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  1. What a cutie! When my daughter was that age, she did NOT like to touch grass, or dirt, or leaves! You had left a question on my garden blog about the wisteria "beans," or seed pods. Yes, you can open them and take out the seeds, or just pick the pods and they naturally dry out, or leave them on the vine. In the spring, they are dry and "pop" open on their own. The thing about wisteria, though, is according to what I've read - growing from seed is not recommended. It's a plant that grows easily from cuttings, which is the preferred propagation.