Tuesday, September 8

A Good Afternoon

Connor and I spent the majority of the afternoon streched out on a big, comfy oversized sleeping bag in the side yard. He loves to be outside, which is something I hope he carries with him forever. He likes to look up at the trees and watch the leaves blowing the breeze. He has started rolling over and trying to scoot around now which is more entertaining than my husbands entire entertainment center, dvd player included.

I did the usual and brought out magazines I wanted to actually try and read, a journal I wanted to try to write in and, of course, the laptop. My vice, I know.

So there we sat, and rolled, on the sleeping bag, watching the leaves dance.

I had a good vantage point to survey the yard and I started thinking of all the things I wanted to do - expand the vegetable garden to make room for more rows of peas, tomatoes and pumpkins, start getting the shed ready for the chickens I want to get next spring, and all of the other little projects that I hope will make my little dream of being more self-sufficient a realty. My goal is, if we are hit with some big ice storm this winter, to be fine. To have enough food, water, and of course, diapers, to last a while. To have the generator in good order, have candle and lamp oil, and all that other good stuff. Not a Little House on the Praire, I know, but it's a start.

It is an interesting dream I have - a huge ice storm rolling in and the whole state being shut down. No open stores, no open banks, and no power. I would cook on the propane grill, watch bread dough rise on the pellet stove, break out the oil lamps and spend the day reading books with Connor and practicing my knitting. Everything would be quiet. No tv (unless Roy decides he can;t live without seeing another episode of Eureka, and plugs the tv into the generator), no phone ringing and waking Connor up from his nap, and catching the news on the solar radio. Quiet. Just quiet.

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