Monday, August 17

You'll Never Get Rich By Digging A Ditch...

We might has well be in the Army given all the manual labor we have had to do lately. The first step towards the solar panels, besides the signing of the contracts and the handing over of money.

In order to install the cables for the panels to run to the house, we had to dig a 200 foot trench from the field where the panels will be to the side of the house. The cables will go through the house foundation wall and across the basement ceiling to the panel box in the basement. The trench needs to be 18" deep for all 200 feet.

After the contract and money step, it was time for me to move the flowers and rocks. A 24" wide patch of pacasandra and creeping ivy. (sorry guys) But it will grow back fast since it is very agressive. And the landscaping rocks have been moved (turns out that I got a whole bunch of new rocks to add when this is all over).

We rented a "ditch-witch" that was supposed to dig the trench for us but our ground is really rocky so it only got us about 10" down and most of the dirt fell back down into the trench. So, we started digging.

And digging, and digging, and digging.

Tonight we can see the end - only about 20 to 30 more feet to go. They are coming Thursday morning to install the cables, so we should make it - if there are no disasters in the mean time that would cause the dirt to fall back in the trench. Like a rain storm. Which is supposedly coming tomrrow.

Here is the very beginnings of the life of the trench:

So our first steps toward solar have been "rocky" but what house project goes smoothly around here. Well, that light bulb I replaced the other day didn't give me much trouble. But in a few short months, that light bulb will be powered with electric we made from the sun on our side field. We estimate that these panels (9 in total on 1 pole) will cover half of our energy useage.

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