Wednesday, August 19

Trenching in the Dark

The trench is now finished - at about 10pm. They are coming to install the cables tomorrow at 7am so it had to get finished tonight. We had most of the trench done coming in towards the house from the field and some done from the house heading out so there was just about 50 feet going through the little path between the bushes. And it was here that we kept shoveling dirt out of the path.

So, with the kerosene lanterns buring, we kept digging until, like when the rails of the Central Pacific Railroad met those of the Union Pacific at Promontory Summit, Utah back in 1869, our two trenches met. And with lanterns blazing, we dug the final shovels full of dirt out and called it a night.

We did not find a golden spike. But we did find a marble. I washed it and it now has a home with the experimental pea plants in the kitchen window.

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