Friday, August 21

To Kill or Not to Kill

I HATE SPIDERS. I have always hated them and I absolutely can not stand them in the hosue or anywhere around it. Yesterday I discovered a horrible, huge spider building a web on my front porch. This thing is easily the size of a half dollar if not bigger. I want to kill it, but I am not sure since I am trying to be nice and think of the good things that spiders do. Hard for me, I know, but I am trying.

So, the Poll is - Should I Kill the Spider of Not? Vote Yes or No. Keeping it for a pet is not an option.

1 comment:

  1. I'm definitely voting "no" on the kill or not to kill spider situation! I know it's hard but you've got a great garden spider there (hard to tell, but i'm pretty sure that's what it is. If so, this kind of spider weaves beautiful circular "typical" orb webs and the following sort of describes them...)...they pretty much eat whatever they can catch in their web- flies, wasps, other spiders, garden or house pests, etc. so they can be helpful....if you can stand to have them "hang" out! These guys (or gals!) eject poison into their prey and eat almost all of it, eventually sucking out the liquefied contents of their prey’s body. (YUM, i know) Garden spiders aren't aggressive and they are not poisonous to humans- it's actually really rare that a garden spider would bite a human. Maybe if they were threatened or something or if you accidently pressed up against one....then they might bite. If you happen to get a bite, seek out medical attention just in case- especially if you aren't sure what kind of spider gotcha. I really enjoy your blog- good luck to you and yours. Today is my first visit and i'll definitely be back.

    Take care,
    Julie (I promise i'm not a spider freak!)