Monday, August 3

It's Dreary Here in Dear Old London

How cloudy and rainy it is here in London, with the drizzle and damp seeping into every corner of the house...

Hold on, this isn't England - it's UPSTATE NEW YORK - in AUGUST!!! It should be warm and sunny and almost unbearable hot and humid. Green and purple beans should be so thick on the vine that there is no way we can possible eat them all. You should be able to smell the tomatoes cooking in the sun from the house and there should be sunflowers towering over it all. But, unfortunately, we here in upstate New York are suffering from what I call London weather. Stereotypical wet, damp, foggy weather that you always see in movies that are set in London. And nothing is growing.

So far, our garden haul has amounted to 4 yellow cherry tomatoes, 2 potatoes, 2 purple string beans, 1 green pepper and 1 yellow gourd (and thats just for halloween decoration! but they way things are going, I might consider eating it.) The peas have done alright - I have enough for the chicken pot pie I am making for dinner tonight. But the rest is just a miserable mess of rotting roots, yellowing leaves, and mushy mud.

What concerns me is that some people relay on their gardens for most of their food - eating right away, canning or otherwise. How are they doing this year? One day I hope to be able to not have to purchase produce (fresh or canned) unless I want something fancy and foreign like a banana. But with seeing how things are happening this year, I know that I had tried that above mentioned experiment, I would be spending a lot of time eating pasta and soup. For the first time, I relly feel for those people who's livelyhood and diet depend on how the garden turns out.

Notes for next year - start everything in January; invest in horse manure; get an unheated greenhouse.

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