Tuesday, August 11

I hope the neighbors don’t notice….

Now that summer has finally decided to grace us with her temperatures above 70, the tomatoes have started to ripen. I actually have a few that are the lightest shade of orange. Orange! In August! I am amazed.

Aside from the utter disappointment of this year’s vegetable garden, this summer has been good. Not terribly humid and this year I am not sequestered in the house with all-day morning sickness. Our plans before the end of the season include trimming a ton of low hanging branches around the yard, painting the old chicken barn and getting the solar installed. Hopefully, the trenching for the cables will be done this weekend and the cable put in place and buried on Monday of next week. Unfortunately, the panels will not be able to be installed until October due to the high rate of demand for these. Which I guess is a good thing.

Regardless, I am excited about cutting our electric bill in half even if I am not so enthusiastic about having a huge solar array in the side field. I hope the neighbors don’t notice….

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