Friday, August 28

And It Begins.....

It was below 50 degrees last evening and, after an interesting day of yard work and house chores, I really wanted to have a campfire.

I love this weather - fall is coming and it is getting cooler at night. Yesterday evening, I got to wear a flanel shirt. I got to walk around the yard with Connor and Snowy with the damp grass and the chilly air and it was really nice since the day was annoying and interesting.

Mom came over to keep an eye on the little man while I ran around the house and yard trying to cram as many chores into the 4 hours she was there as possible. Wedding, trimming (line kept breaking), transplanting a pine tree, laundry on the line, and mowing, amoung many other little things. The grass`was so high that I couldn't see the big rock that found it's way into the path of my mower until it was too late. I am asuming that this rock found its way to the grass from a fit had during hard digging in the solar trench - I can just picture Roy getting mad at a root or some such thing and taking out his frustrations by throwing rocks.

The mower made this loud clunking noise and continued making this noise until I stopped and turned it off. I sat there for a minute hoping really hard that it I waited a minute or two that the mower would cure itself and I could keep mowing. No such luck.

Dad and Mom came back over later that evening and after a quick trip to Lowes, a new blade was installed to replace the one that was bent like a pretzel.

So, after my day, I just wanted to relax and have a campfire in the yard and read my two new magazines - Urban Farm and Country Skills. But it didn;t happen. I was just too tired from all the "excitment" of the day that if I would have started a fire, I would have been asleep before I turned around and sat in the lawn chair.

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