Sunday, July 12

What is going on here....

This morning I saw a story on Sunday Morning about fighting over clothes lines. And now I don;t know what to say because the whole concept that there IS fighting over clothes lines is unbelievable to me.
I grew up having a clothes line. Everyone I know had one. All our relatives, our neighbors, just everyone. I love having one. Not only is it a cheap way to dry clothes, it is good for the environment, saves money and it is absolutely one of the most relaxing activities around. I look forward to doing laundry in the summer just so I can go outside for 15 minutes or so and have peace and quiet. I am out in the sun with warm grass under my feet. It is wonderful.
So, it never really occured to me that there are places where you can't have a clothes line. Who wouldn't want one? Mostly I thought it was rich people who send their laundry out or people who just didn;t care about anyone but themselves and thier own conveniences. Not that I am one of those total hippie people or anything but there is something to be said for thinking about what kind of planet my son will inherit.
This story shows two really strange people. The lady with the clothes line and the lady who was against it. The lady who had one was a kind-of hippie and I really think she was just trying to save money on her electric bill. I also got the impression that she was kind of out to make a statement. Like, my clothes line, and many others I have seen in yards have been well used, well placed and look permanent and traditional. Her's was strung up between some pine trees and it didn;t look like it was getting much sun.
The other, much stranger person, was the lady who was opposed to the hanging of clothes. I call her the calvin klien lady. She has this necklace on the the "CC" which I think is meant to stand for CoCo Chanel or something but I just automatically think Calvin Klein. But anyway, she was a typical rich old lady with the designer everything and those huge sunglasses. She seems to want to give the impression that she is very affluent. This story was filmed in Oregon by the way, so you kind of don;t expect someone like her to be slumming it in the wilderness and pine trees.
The whoe argument was over the fact that some neighborhoods do not allow clothes lines and some people want to have them anyway because of energy and money savings. Let me just say right now that I am totally for clothes lines. I don;t care where you live, it is one of the best ways to save money and energy.
But the fact that there is this argument going on at all is rediculous. There shouldn;t have to be websites like Project Laundry List and, which are interesting and great but they shouldn;t have to even exist. It just seems like it should be common sense to use a clothes line. Again, I say, who doesn;t have one and who wouldn;t want one?

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