Tuesday, July 14

The War of the Roses. And Lilys. And Chipmunks.

First attack: The japanese beatle. I HATE them with a passion. They eat everything. Roy's grapes, the hollyhocks and the cherry tree we planted for Connor. And my roses especially. Thoese nasty little gleamy black bugs that look for creepy and mean. I HATE them! I have the traps - 4 of them around the yard looking like ugly wind-socks. They work but the smell of those baits is pretty strong when you catch the scent on the breeze. Last summer when I was 3 months pregnant, I couldn;t even go out in the yard for a while without the smell overpowering me to the point of throwing up.

Second attack: Deer. Oh, but they are so pretty and gentle and graceful. Yeah, until they start eating your lily's and garden plants. I have the little monsters chowing down on everything from tiger lilys to hollyhocks to tomato plants.

Third Wave: Chipmunks. I have talked about these devils before. Yes, they are cute too but not when you go out in the yard and see that they have dug up half the garden to make entrance and exit holes for their miles of underground tunnels. My yard must provide the kind of living environment they prefer - access to bird feeders, compost, and the occasional wayward peanut. I know it is hard to tell from the picture below, but the little mosters have managed to pile a ton of dirt onto my thrift plant in the effort to clear the hold right next to the thrist plant that I filled back in the other day. Now I am going to try a big rock.

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