Sunday, July 19

My Castle Awaits

As I sit here feeding Connor his 3pm bottle of Enfamil, I can happily hear the sounds of the circular saw and the drill coming from the side yard. For that is where my loving husband is so lovingly repairing my lovely garden shed.
We got it second hand so it needed some repairs and some of the wood was rotten but it is almost done.

I can already see the neatly organized shelves of twine, stakes, and mason jars full of cable ties and little plastic white plant labels. My row of tools lined up by size - shovel, hoe, and my favorie, the sod ripper.

I am going to paint it a nice shade of "every barn should be this color" red, with white trim. It will have a little porch overhang in the front made from pine and cedar logs that we have on the property. (Roy doesn't know about this part yet so lets not put the cart before the person who is good with the circular saw).

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