Tuesday, July 14

Fat Birds and Muscular Ants

I have a nice little bird house by the cats run outside. I don;t know what kind of bird is neating there at the moment but I think he got stuck. I noticed the other day that the paint had been scratched off the front of the house by the entrance/exit hole. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was actually chewed or clawed away. Like something was trying to get into the house to eat the baby birds. Because the thought of something trying to eat babies is a little unsettling to me, I have decided to believe the other option. I have a fat bird who got stuck and his bird friends had to come and peck away at the wood until he was able to get free.

I am also having an interesting dilemma with my outdoor ant poison stakes. Anyone who knows me knows that one of the things I hate the most, besides japanese beetles, is ants in my house. I just can not stand the thought of it. So, while I am very conscious of chemicals and poisons and hardly ever use them for weed or pest control, the beetles and the ants are the two exceptions. I have strategically placed these little dark green disks with the stake on the botton around the house by the doors and front porch. I have also placed them in certain key areas of the flower garden where I have noticed ants in great number.

The problem that I am having is that they move. All by themselves it seems, in the dark of night. I have been finding them all over the yard. My imagination being a lot my creative now that I have a baby in the house and the whole day to ponder such things suggests that an army of pissed off ants has decided to teach me a lesson and steal my poison traps. I have found them on the rock wall on the far side of the barn, in the middle of the yard on the way to the veggie garden, and wedged in between landscaping rocks in the shade garden.

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