Wednesday, July 15

Crossing over to the dark side.... or "light" side as the case may be

There has been much speculation lately around the house concering the possible installation of solar panels in our side yard. I have been a big "no, no, no" on this since we moved here for the fact that I think it would look horrendous.
If we could put them on the barn roof, it would be perfect. However, according to Roy, the barn roof (which is south-facing) does not get enough sun during the course of the day(?). Anyway, Roy has been pushing this idea for a while and I have slowly come around to actually thinking about allowing them in my yard.
I am all for self-reliance and sustainability and in getting into homesteading I have been reading alot about generating at least some of your own power. So I guess it is not a total shock that I changed my mind and finally said "ok" to the solar panels. Although this does mean that I will be digging a trench from the panels to the house which is about 100 feet and will be done by hand because I will not let a backhoe in the yard (ruts in my grass!).
So in my quest to be self-reliant, we have taken the step to produce just about half of our own power for the whole house (between 30 - 40%). I have crossed over to the dark side. My yard will now be home to a 9' wide by 3' tall solar panel. I swore I would walk that thin line between having a really nice yard and having all the things I want to be self-reliant. So even though I have crossed over, hey, I still love my yard!

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