Monday, July 6

12.25.2008 - Old but Important for good vision

LEDLights for Christmas: Warning - Do Not Look Directly at the Christmas Tree.

My husband deceided that he wanted LED lights for the Christmas tree this year. They were offering a trade in at Home Depot where for every string of regular Christmas lights brought in the recycle, you got $3 off a box of new LED lights. We already had some LED Christmas lights that look like little snowflakes for the outside of the house and I thought they looked "bright" - like the light was different and it was hard to look at even though they were not acually that bright on the front porch.

I set up the tree and put the new blue and white lights on. Before I put the orniments on, I decided to turn the lights on to make sure it looked ok and to arrange them. I was blinded. I could not see anything for about 15 seconds. It is a different kind of light and it hurt my eyes. Apparently when they are outside, they just look like different lights, they take a little getting used to, but then they are pretty. Inside is a different story. DO NOT USE LED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS IN A CONFINED SPACE.

I had spent so much time putting them up that I left them there, partly to prove to my husband that this idea was not necessarily the best one he has had. So, we had a very blinding Christmas tree this year. From the outside looking in the window, it looked like there was a blue and white space ship landing in our dining room.

Next year, these LED lights will go on the outside bushes and I sure they will look very nice. However, I am sticking with the regular lights for the inside Christmas tree. I want our kids first Christmas, next year, to be memorable. Not blinding. I think this is a thumbs up since it does save energy and the light do not get hot to the touch. Just use with caution.

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