Thursday, June 4

A Report of the Incident - February 1, 2009

The suspect: Buffin, the cat.

The victim: The 2008 tax forms (W2's, etc).

The Reason for Committing the Crime: Buffin hates the government

The Incident Report: In the early morning hours of Friday, January 30th, I was awakened to the sound of scratching. The kind of scratching sound a cat makes in a litter box. We do not have a litter box upstairs so I got up and went to investigate after the sound continued. I discovered the sound was coming from Roy's office and when I turned on the light, I saw a very quilty looking cat, Buffin, sneaking past me and running out into the hall.

I went to the box on the floor, which was actually a top to a box which kind of resenmbled a litter box. Roy had placed all of the tax documents for this year's filing in this box top. An odor was coming from the box top. "Someone" had "peed" in the box top. All over the tax documents. Then tried to cover it up by pushing the paper around. The smell was absolutely horrible. All the tax documents were soaked. I do not know why he did not go to the real litter box downstairs. I went back into the bedroom where Roy was now awake too and I told him what had happened.

This was the only time in the last 9 months when I was actually glad I was pregnant since I could not touch the box or clean it up. Roy had to put all the forms in the bath tub an d close the door since the smell was so bad.They dired out but they still stink. If we get audited, it wll be the shortest audit in history.

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