Thursday, June 4

Pregnancy Update - January 9, 2009

February 17th is the date that we will have a son. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me describle the tunnel.

The tunnel has been filled with things I never knew, didn't think were possible and things that never thought would happen to me.

Month 1 - no change. Went to the bathroom and "peed" on 5 sticks. Just to make sure. Couldn't beleive it. Never thought I would ever have children. Roy was very excited but he didn;t want to show it and freak me out. I learned later that when he got to work, he did his "happy dance." Month 1 was like there was nothing going on.

Month 2 - Sick. Very, very sick. Throwing up all day, every day. Miserable. Spending most of my day in bed, on the couch or in the bathroom.

Month 3 - Still very, very sick. Very pissed off. Not happy with Roy at this point for doing this to me. I have gone into my "force and fight" phase. Force myself to eat something and fight to keep it down. Spending most of the time on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie with my cats. Threw up my Anniversary dinner.

Month 4 - Still sick, but not as bad. Still really pissed off. Starting to get a "bump". Want to do sit-ups. I am feeling better by the end of the month but still dizzy and nauseous alot.
Month 5 - Better, except I am now getting fat. Jeans are tight and shirts don't fit right. I have started working out again. Feeling strange things in my belly. At this point, I am still very unsure about this whole thing. But life is starting to get back to normal and I can do the things I used to.

Month 6 - Getting fatter. Feeling strange things in my belly. My belly button is bothering me.

Month 7 - Having a lot of trouble sleeping. Night sweats, clothes don't fit. Hot flashes, mood swings. Lots of strange things going on in the belly. Belly button is looking gross. Getting a big belly and a big butt. Roy is constantly telling me not to do this or that. "Don;t use that cleaner. Did you take your vitamins? Don't shovel the driveway!"

Month 8 - Currently in month 8. Very fat. Really gross belly button. Lots of kick boxing going on with my ribs and insides in general. He has Roy's big bone structure and will most likely be the next kicker for the Bills.

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