Friday, June 5

I love my clothes line

One of the first things I had to have when we moved to our house in Webster was a real clothes line. At our old house in Chili, I tried but the back yard was mostly dirt and trying to get a working clothes line that kept things clean, was out of the way of the dogs and didn;t show my underware choices to the neighbors was a challenge. That was our starter house. It was a beautiful house - 1930's with orginal wood work, floors and marble tile in the bathroom. I lvoed the house. I hated the neighborhood. South Chili - right next to RIT. Loud, loud, and more loud.

So, when we moved from what I considered "the city" to my nice old farmhouse in Webster with a big yard, I wanted a clothes line. This house is perfect. Old - built in 1916 - with barns and sheds and lots of room for flower and vegetable gardens. And a clothes line. A real one. Like the one my parents have.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite sounds was my mom's flip flops when she was going out to the clothes line. Flip flops sound neat, especially when going through grass. My bedroom window looked out into the big back yard and the clothes line. Mom was a stay-at-home mom which I never appreciated until now - now that I am one.

My Dad made the "T" poles for theirs and he made ones of me too. He brought them over and cemented them in.

I love the look of clothes hanging on a line. The smell of the clothes drying. The actual hanging of the clothes and taking them down - it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.
I am one of those people who thinks that "older" times were better. I like using clothes lines, and making cookies from scratch and growing my own vegetables. It's how I grew up and how my husband grew uo and it;s how I want Connor to grow up. I think it actually means something to grow up that way.

I also married a big liberal who really likes "green". Clothes lines are green even though I never thought of them that way. I just like drying clothes that way. Saving money on dryer bills is an extra plus.

I am not a modern person, except when it comes to my laptop. Can;t live without it.
But for all other purposes, I am not like other people. I like being a stay at home mom. I like growing vegetables and having a garden. We don;t have air conditioning on the house and we heat the house with a pellet stove.

But the cloths line is my favorite.

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