Thursday, June 4

He's Been A Very Good Baby Lately.... - June 4, 2009

I have been finding myself saying "He's Been A Very Good Baby Lately" alot lately. Connor is, I must say, a very happy baby. Although I really have nothing to compare him to except those babies in Wegmans that are absolutely horrible with the screaming and crying and all that.

So, Connor is a very good baby. Sure, he has his moments when I want to run away forever but normally he is pretty good. Like this past week. Here is a typical day:

Wakes up at about 7am after sleeping through the night for about 10 hours.
Waits patiently while I feed the cats and get his bottle started. (By patiently, I mean he fusses and gives me evil stares) but I will take that over total screaming.
He gulps down 8oz of formula as fast as possible and usually have a huge burp afterwards. A very smell burp but he is usually very pleased with himself and smiles and thinks he is very funny.
This is followed by amusing himself in any number of entertainment things - "kick-n-play", swing, bug mat with dangling things, etc., while I get things cleaned up.
He will generally be very agreeable through the day and let me get done what I need to get done and of course we play and change diapers and make more bottles and all that.
He loves to look at himself in the mirror and he also loves his wash cloth. Don;t ask me why about either of these. He has also made friends with the ceiling fan, the flag that is on our porch and anything shiney.
He seems to have gotten over his hatered of the sun and likes to go outside and sit on the front porch and walk around the yard. Still no direct sunlight for my little vampire though.
He has learned to suck his thumb but is now not happy with just the thumb. He will try and shove his whole fist into his mouth and is very happy when he gets coordinated enough to accomplish this feat.

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