Saturday, June 6

Disappointing Tomatoes

In my quest to make a better vegetable garden, I decided to start seeds indoor this year with the help of grow lights. Roy likes home grown veggies, especially tomatoes, and it has gotten to the point where he will go all fall and winter without a tomato because "nothing tastes as good as one from the garden."

So I started a few varieties of tomatoes in the basement with the grow lights this year, following the planting instructions on the package and consulting gardening books and frost charts and "when to plant" blogs. I thought, with all this planning and effort, that I would have the best tomato plants ever.

What is that saying about the best layed plans....

My tomato plants are pathetic. Short, stubby little things that are so small we might be lucky to get a tomato out of them by this coming November.

I am very disappointed in this turn of events. Other things I started under the lights did not fare very well either. The beans and peas grew too fast and took over the table. The poppies were a failure. The peppers were almost non-existent (I got 1 plant, maybe). Sunflowers - stems too weak in stretching for the light.

And very, very small tomato plants.

After taking a bunch of "don't do this" and "start this earlier/later" notes in my gardening book, the lights were turned off and the trays were taken outside. I planted what I thought would survive and the rest are history. I had to bite the bullet and buy seedlings from Bauman's to fill in the garden.

You would not think so but I really like growing my own veggies. It is one of my favorite parts of summer - grabbing my old white and red enamelware bowl and going out every day with Snowy, my dog, and picking what is ripe or what we want for supper. (My favorites are the peas and beans.) I like it when the tomatoes are still warm when I bring them in the house to wash them.

So, next year will be better in learning from this years mistakes.

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