Monday, June 29


Things are growing -flowers, veggies, and Connor

My Garden "Haul"

Snowy and I headed out to the field last night so she could venture into the rain-soaked weeds to do her twice-daily business and I could inspect the garden and see what might be ready for the plucking. I returned to the house with a 4 muddy radishes, 2 pea pods and a damp doggie.

Mr. Prince, the master of the house and all that is in it says...

"Ah ha! Now that I have pulled this video camera off of the coffee table and made it crash to the floor, I am going to sniff it for all it is worth."

Saturday, June 6

Disappointing Tomatoes

In my quest to make a better vegetable garden, I decided to start seeds indoor this year with the help of grow lights. Roy likes home grown veggies, especially tomatoes, and it has gotten to the point where he will go all fall and winter without a tomato because "nothing tastes as good as one from the garden."

So I started a few varieties of tomatoes in the basement with the grow lights this year, following the planting instructions on the package and consulting gardening books and frost charts and "when to plant" blogs. I thought, with all this planning and effort, that I would have the best tomato plants ever.

What is that saying about the best layed plans....

My tomato plants are pathetic. Short, stubby little things that are so small we might be lucky to get a tomato out of them by this coming November.

I am very disappointed in this turn of events. Other things I started under the lights did not fare very well either. The beans and peas grew too fast and took over the table. The poppies were a failure. The peppers were almost non-existent (I got 1 plant, maybe). Sunflowers - stems too weak in stretching for the light.

And very, very small tomato plants.

After taking a bunch of "don't do this" and "start this earlier/later" notes in my gardening book, the lights were turned off and the trays were taken outside. I planted what I thought would survive and the rest are history. I had to bite the bullet and buy seedlings from Bauman's to fill in the garden.

You would not think so but I really like growing my own veggies. It is one of my favorite parts of summer - grabbing my old white and red enamelware bowl and going out every day with Snowy, my dog, and picking what is ripe or what we want for supper. (My favorites are the peas and beans.) I like it when the tomatoes are still warm when I bring them in the house to wash them.

So, next year will be better in learning from this years mistakes.

Friday, June 5

I love my clothes line

One of the first things I had to have when we moved to our house in Webster was a real clothes line. At our old house in Chili, I tried but the back yard was mostly dirt and trying to get a working clothes line that kept things clean, was out of the way of the dogs and didn;t show my underware choices to the neighbors was a challenge. That was our starter house. It was a beautiful house - 1930's with orginal wood work, floors and marble tile in the bathroom. I lvoed the house. I hated the neighborhood. South Chili - right next to RIT. Loud, loud, and more loud.

So, when we moved from what I considered "the city" to my nice old farmhouse in Webster with a big yard, I wanted a clothes line. This house is perfect. Old - built in 1916 - with barns and sheds and lots of room for flower and vegetable gardens. And a clothes line. A real one. Like the one my parents have.

When I was growing up, one of my favorite sounds was my mom's flip flops when she was going out to the clothes line. Flip flops sound neat, especially when going through grass. My bedroom window looked out into the big back yard and the clothes line. Mom was a stay-at-home mom which I never appreciated until now - now that I am one.

My Dad made the "T" poles for theirs and he made ones of me too. He brought them over and cemented them in.

I love the look of clothes hanging on a line. The smell of the clothes drying. The actual hanging of the clothes and taking them down - it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.
I am one of those people who thinks that "older" times were better. I like using clothes lines, and making cookies from scratch and growing my own vegetables. It's how I grew up and how my husband grew uo and it;s how I want Connor to grow up. I think it actually means something to grow up that way.

I also married a big liberal who really likes "green". Clothes lines are green even though I never thought of them that way. I just like drying clothes that way. Saving money on dryer bills is an extra plus.

I am not a modern person, except when it comes to my laptop. Can;t live without it.
But for all other purposes, I am not like other people. I like being a stay at home mom. I like growing vegetables and having a garden. We don;t have air conditioning on the house and we heat the house with a pellet stove.

But the cloths line is my favorite.

Thursday, June 4

He's Been A Very Good Baby Lately.... - June 4, 2009

I have been finding myself saying "He's Been A Very Good Baby Lately" alot lately. Connor is, I must say, a very happy baby. Although I really have nothing to compare him to except those babies in Wegmans that are absolutely horrible with the screaming and crying and all that.

So, Connor is a very good baby. Sure, he has his moments when I want to run away forever but normally he is pretty good. Like this past week. Here is a typical day:

Wakes up at about 7am after sleeping through the night for about 10 hours.
Waits patiently while I feed the cats and get his bottle started. (By patiently, I mean he fusses and gives me evil stares) but I will take that over total screaming.
He gulps down 8oz of formula as fast as possible and usually have a huge burp afterwards. A very smell burp but he is usually very pleased with himself and smiles and thinks he is very funny.
This is followed by amusing himself in any number of entertainment things - "kick-n-play", swing, bug mat with dangling things, etc., while I get things cleaned up.
He will generally be very agreeable through the day and let me get done what I need to get done and of course we play and change diapers and make more bottles and all that.
He loves to look at himself in the mirror and he also loves his wash cloth. Don;t ask me why about either of these. He has also made friends with the ceiling fan, the flag that is on our porch and anything shiney.
He seems to have gotten over his hatered of the sun and likes to go outside and sit on the front porch and walk around the yard. Still no direct sunlight for my little vampire though.
He has learned to suck his thumb but is now not happy with just the thumb. He will try and shove his whole fist into his mouth and is very happy when he gets coordinated enough to accomplish this feat.

A Very Strange Night - May 27, 2009

Ok, I had a very strange night last night.

First of all, I have to say that I had a very good day on Tuesday. Roy was back to work so I was able to get back on my schedule. I got everything done that I wanted to get done. House cleaning, laundry, walking with Snowy and Connor (4.19 miles, thank you very much!), a little yard work, worked out, took a shower and made dinner.

Then the hockey game. I fell asleep about half way through but I knew that Pittsburg would win becasue they were ahead 3 to 1.

So, after dinner, I had a snack. It was a Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar. It was very good. I was really, really hungry because due to my diet to get rid of this baby wieght, I only had a salad for dinner. So since I was so hungry and since the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar was so good the first time, I decided to have another Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bar.



Not to go into too many details but lets just say I was up pretty much all night with "gastrointestinal distress." Oh, by the way, the box actually says "Gradually increase fiber over time to help minimize potential gastrointestinal discomfort." Roy says that this translates to "only have one bar a day, idiot."

But this was not the only strange thing that happened. At about midnight I heard this really loud howling coming from the back yard. We have coyotes and we have known about them for some time. They live in my neighbors very large woods/tree farm and they have never bothered us before and I have never even seen one of them, until the other day. I just hear them sometimes but they are always far away from the house.

My neighbor has seen them and they have never bothered him either. But there is one that has gotten to be not afraid of people. He came out in the middle fo the day the other day and watched my neighbor mowing his lawn. So, we have a very "friendly" coyote who is not afraid of people. Well, maybe I should not say "friendly". I think he would not hesitate to rip an arm off me if he had that chance.

But the real propblem is my cats and my neighbors cat and my little guy, Connor. This coyote will come into the yard and this might get dangerous. So last night was the first time I heard the coyote and was actaully scared. The sound was all different since it was so close to the house and it was actually scary. Like Ghost Hunters in someones basement and they play back the tape and the homeowners freak out.

OK, so, this might not be as stange as some peoples nights but it was strange for my boring life. Gastrointestinal discomfort and a scary coyote added to no sleep, a snoring husband, a fussy baby, and two out of three cats flighting for the spot next to my head. The story of my life......

Baby Stuff - April 21, 2009

Baby poop, especially gree baby poop, smells BAD.

The pacifier is the most wonderful invention ever.

Ear plugs are the second most wonderful invention ever.

The saddest thing is that when he cries, he actually has tears now.

His first word is "Ah-goo."

He is a vampire - he HATES sunlight.

He can sense when you want to get on the eliptical machine. He "pretends" to be asleep and waits until you get on the machine and go for about 5 or 10 minutes. Then he "wakes up" and cries. He thinks this is a fun game.

Some New Things - February 27, 2009

Things I Have Learned Since Being Pregnant/Being a Mom:

Surgery and Anesthesia = Pain and Gas

I really like to scoop the litter box. It is relaxing.

What goes in is going to come out 99% of the time. And it won't be pretty.

I have said the words "I have been peed on".

I really, really like hot baths, Advil and hair dye.

When you are in the hospital, you can have all the Coke you can drink.

A Report of the Incident - February 1, 2009

The suspect: Buffin, the cat.

The victim: The 2008 tax forms (W2's, etc).

The Reason for Committing the Crime: Buffin hates the government

The Incident Report: In the early morning hours of Friday, January 30th, I was awakened to the sound of scratching. The kind of scratching sound a cat makes in a litter box. We do not have a litter box upstairs so I got up and went to investigate after the sound continued. I discovered the sound was coming from Roy's office and when I turned on the light, I saw a very quilty looking cat, Buffin, sneaking past me and running out into the hall.

I went to the box on the floor, which was actually a top to a box which kind of resenmbled a litter box. Roy had placed all of the tax documents for this year's filing in this box top. An odor was coming from the box top. "Someone" had "peed" in the box top. All over the tax documents. Then tried to cover it up by pushing the paper around. The smell was absolutely horrible. All the tax documents were soaked. I do not know why he did not go to the real litter box downstairs. I went back into the bedroom where Roy was now awake too and I told him what had happened.

This was the only time in the last 9 months when I was actually glad I was pregnant since I could not touch the box or clean it up. Roy had to put all the forms in the bath tub an d close the door since the smell was so bad.They dired out but they still stink. If we get audited, it wll be the shortest audit in history.

Still Pregnant.... January 21, 2009

Week 35/36 - Why do they go by weeks? Everyone always asks "What week are you?" I just say "I'm in my 8th month". So, I am about 35/36 weeks.

Braxton Hicks contractions are a big pain - literally. Of course, I have no idea what it will feel like to go into labor so I am all freaking out that I am going to have him a month early, even though the C-section is scheduled for late February.

I had a very nice baby shower last Sunday which I have just seen the pictures from. I now know that I look like a killer whale. Or any kind of large whale. I am counting the days until I can get on the eliptical machine. And I am not getting off until I burn about 7,000 calories. It is different seeing a picture than looking in the mirror. I have been avoiding mirrors for the past few months becasue I can tell I am big but for some reason I can actually put something on and look in the mirror and think "OK, this looks ok. I don't look too bad." But then you see a picture of yourself wearing the same thing and it just doens't look as good as I thought.

I learned a lot of useful things at the shower. Here are a few:

1. I have reached the point where I think little boy clothes with little animals on them are actually cute and I like things that are made of fleece. Also, things with cute sayings on them that can be ironic in the right situations. Example: "Cute but Messy, just like Daddy", "Sleep is for the Weak", and Mommy's Little Hero."

2. They make special "baby wash" for giving the kid a bath. You can not just use dish soap.

3. Apparently duct tape is not a good option for anything involving the kid.

4. Kids have fingernails. They also have to be trimmed. (Thank you Becky)

5. Your kid is capable of burning your house down. Use the plug covers. (Thank you Casey).

Pregnancy Update - January 9, 2009

February 17th is the date that we will have a son. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me describle the tunnel.

The tunnel has been filled with things I never knew, didn't think were possible and things that never thought would happen to me.

Month 1 - no change. Went to the bathroom and "peed" on 5 sticks. Just to make sure. Couldn't beleive it. Never thought I would ever have children. Roy was very excited but he didn;t want to show it and freak me out. I learned later that when he got to work, he did his "happy dance." Month 1 was like there was nothing going on.

Month 2 - Sick. Very, very sick. Throwing up all day, every day. Miserable. Spending most of my day in bed, on the couch or in the bathroom.

Month 3 - Still very, very sick. Very pissed off. Not happy with Roy at this point for doing this to me. I have gone into my "force and fight" phase. Force myself to eat something and fight to keep it down. Spending most of the time on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie with my cats. Threw up my Anniversary dinner.

Month 4 - Still sick, but not as bad. Still really pissed off. Starting to get a "bump". Want to do sit-ups. I am feeling better by the end of the month but still dizzy and nauseous alot.
Month 5 - Better, except I am now getting fat. Jeans are tight and shirts don't fit right. I have started working out again. Feeling strange things in my belly. At this point, I am still very unsure about this whole thing. But life is starting to get back to normal and I can do the things I used to.

Month 6 - Getting fatter. Feeling strange things in my belly. My belly button is bothering me.

Month 7 - Having a lot of trouble sleeping. Night sweats, clothes don't fit. Hot flashes, mood swings. Lots of strange things going on in the belly. Belly button is looking gross. Getting a big belly and a big butt. Roy is constantly telling me not to do this or that. "Don;t use that cleaner. Did you take your vitamins? Don't shovel the driveway!"

Month 8 - Currently in month 8. Very fat. Really gross belly button. Lots of kick boxing going on with my ribs and insides in general. He has Roy's big bone structure and will most likely be the next kicker for the Bills.